Teesdalia nudicaulis Apiaceae Shepherd's Cress

Flower Seed Head

Teesdalia nudicaulis 16kb

Description - A small cress plant seen early in the year before it either dries up, or is overhelmed by larger plants. The leaves form a neat rosette, and are regularly pinnate. The flowers are tiny, white, four-petalled at the top of the stem, which only reaches 4-5cm. They are followed by tiny seed-pods, which resemble a miniature version of the seeds of Shepherd's Purse, Capsella bursa-pastoris, to which it is closely related.

Habitat - This is found in short coastal turf, most commonly on the cliffs, and also on the commons in the north. It likes sandy soil, and is not tolerant of lime.

Comments - Not rare, but not always noticed. It is not named after Teesdale, the area, but after a Mr Teesdale.

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