Trifolium glomeratum Fabaceae Clustered Clover

Picture 1 Sepals bent back

Trifolium glomeratum 14kb

Description - This is a small, straggling Clover plant, with trifoliate leaves, and little rounded flowerheads in the leaf axils. The calyx of each flower is slightly swollen, and sepals turned back to give a starry appearace, and the flowers are minute, pale pink pea-flowers. It may at first be confused with Knotted Clover, T. striatum, but careful examination will show that the latter has obvious red striations on the calyx tube, and the sepals do not bend backwards in the characteristic way on T. glomeratum.

Habitat - Mainly found around the coast in poor, sandy soil.

Comments - Due to its small size, it can easily be overlooked. However, although the parts are small, plants can sometimes grow quite tall, up to 15cm or so, when growing amongst other vegetation. Not common in Guernsey, and less so on mainland Britain, where it occurs only in the south.

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