Trifolium occidentale Fabaceae Western Clover

Picture 1 Close up

Trifolium occidentale 21kb

Description - Similar to White Clover unless studied closely. The base of each white flower is usually quite red, they appear earlier than White Clover, and are unscented. The leaves are more opaque, often a blue-green, with no paler markings as are often seen in White Clover. The whole plant is generally more compact.

Habitat - This plant is characteristically found in short grassland near the coast, where it can be noted as whitish circles in the grass in April.

Comment - This plant was only separated from White Clover, Trifolium repens, in 1957, by Dr D.E.Coombe of Cambridge. He realised it was different on seeing it first at the Lizard in Cornwall, and found the same plants in Guernsey two years later. It is frequent in all the Channel Islands, but elsewhere known only from Cornwall, Normandy and Brittany.

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