Trifolium repens Fabaceae White Clover

Trifolium repens 22kb

Description - The familiar White Clover has a rounded flowerhead of white flowers, often tinged with pale pink.The calyx is paler than that of the similar Western Clover, Trifolium occidentale. Leaves are trifoliate and each leaflet has a paler V-shape on it, whereas in Western Clover there are no marks and the leaf is slightly blue-green. White Clover is the species which most often gives rise to 4-leaved Clover, and the best place to look is at large patches in a lawn, which is cut regularly, but not too frequently.

Habitat - Likes fairly rich soil, grasslands etc. and is often in seed mixes with Rye grass sown by farmers.

Comments - Very common island-wide. This species is very similar to Western Clover, which is not so common. See that species for more details.

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