Viola kitaibeliana Violaceae Dwarf Pansy

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Viola kitaibeliana 16kb

Description - As the name suggests, this is a very tiny pansy. (The name is probably longer than the plant!) Each flower is about 1 cm from top to bottom, and can be smaller. They also hang downwards and are easily missed. The leaves are dark green, often with a violet tinge, especially in very exposed conditions.

Habitat - Thin, coastal soil, amongst cliff-top grasses and other small plants, but unable to stand too much competition.

Comments - A Channel Island speciality, the only other British site being the Scilly Isles. It is rather rare; the best places to look are bare areas on the cliff-tops, on either side of cliff paths, where you may notice dark patches of the leaves. You will have to resort to hands and knees, and to take a picture, it will probably be necessary to lie full length to get underneath the nodding head!

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